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Bra Fitting Guide - A Guide To Measuring Yourself

The best way to be fitted is by coming in store but if that’s not possible, here is a quick guide to help fit yourself…

Wearing your newest and best fitting bra, not padded, place a tape measure around your rib cage just below the wire of your bra.

The tape should be level all the way around. Pulling the tape firmly measure in inches rounding up or down to the nearest inch. If this number is an odd number, add 5, if it’s an even number, add 4. eg: if your measurement is 31 1/4 inches, your band size would be 36 or if it is 30 inches, your band size would be 34. It is a common mistake to think that your actual under bust measurement in inches is your band size!

Next, place the tape around the fullest part of your bust again keeping the tape level. This should be neither a firm or loose measurement. Round the measurement to the nearest inch. The difference in the inches between the two then gives the cup size. For example, a one-inch difference would make you an A, two a B, three a C, four a D, five a DD, six an E and so on. So if your band size is 34 (i.e. you measure 30 inches) and your bust size is 37 inches, that would make you a 34C.

Measuring is only a guide! If the bra you are wearing when taking the measurements is too small or ill fitting ,this can give a false size!

How can you tell if you are wearing the wrong size bra? There are many tell-tale signs that you are wearing the wrong size bra, see below the 3 steps to check your bra fitting.

Step1: Check Underband


You should not be over tightening your straps to achieve uplift. Your underband should not ride up, this meaning that is is too big.


The underband should sit firmly around your ribcage, level at the back and front.

Step2: Lift Arms


Try lifting your arms, if your underband is lifting away from your chest, it is too big.


The correct band size will sit snugly and not move whether you raise your arms up or have them by your side.

Step3: Check Your Cups


If you are spliing out of your cups, it is usually too small in the cup and you would need to go up to a size.


The correct size will give you an even shape with no 'double' or 'quad boob'. The underwire should extend fully behind your breats tissue.


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